Storm Water Treatment

Water has become a precious resource in Australia. Now, more than ever, industry must incorporate a rain water harvesting catchment system at their premises to be used either throughout the premises or in their process.
Rain events in Australia are notoriously short and heavy and therefore storage capacity should be maximised. *Many sites are large and rain water can be harvested for re-use from both the roof (or rooves) and hard stand areas.

Legislation is pending that these large volumes of stored water may have health issues and that the harvested water is to be maintained in a safe and clean condition. Also, the when being used in a process within a factory or washing facility may need treatment to maintain equipment integrity or warranty.

EverythingWater has developed systems to cater to all needs in both the Storm Water Maintenance (Domino SWM) and Storm Water transfer (Domino SWT) areas.

The degree of treatment is determined by the contamination level of the harvested rain water and the size of the storage.
Where harvesting from the roof may be relatively contaminant free, it may be an area where birds congregate and subsequently excrement may be present. Harvesting from hard stand areas can produce varied problems in the form of solids, oils and even pH.

Due to the number of variables like storage capacity, above or below ground storage etc it is difficult to offer “off the shelf” pricing. If you are interested in considering a storm water solution please take a look at our website’s storm water treatment section, or call us 1300 368 108.

*This storage can be either above or below ground.

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