Water Treatment Systems


Domino VGS-F.O.G (Fat, Oil and Grease Separator)

Domino VGS-F.O.G removes the fats, oils and grease from waste water mainly found in restaurants and take-aways.

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Domino VGS (Vertical Gravity Separator)

Domino VGS works best for waste streams high in oils/fuels and minimal dirts.

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Domino VGS-M (Mycelx Filtration Separator)

The Domino VGS-M was designed to remove hydrocarbons from wash water when discharge parameters are under 30 ppm or is to the environment. The Domino VGS-M uses both Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS) and Filtration technology to remove hydrocarbons and oils within the water.

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Domino VGS-NG (New Generation VGS)

Designed for businesses that use or produce oils (hydrocarbons) generate large amounts of trade waste containing Oil & Grease, suspended solids plus numerous other pollutants.

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Domino Bio-MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems)

Membrane Bio-Reactor Systems, which was developed by Hitachi Plant Technologies (Biosystems’ Partner), is an advanced biological treatment technology. It is suitable for sewage water treatment facilities and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, as it is low maintenance, space saving, has low initial costs and features an advanced treated water quality by combining active sludge treatment and membrane filtration processes. 

Domino Bio-MBR sets up 2 or 3 membrane modules in a vertical formation, containing multiple membrane element sheets. Pumping wastewater through the flat sheet membranes effectively treats the water.  

Sludge clogging on membrane surfaces is greatly reduced as air is constantly diffused from beneath the bottom membrane module.  

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