Domino WWR-Micro


The Domino WWR-Micro is an affordable entry level waste water recycler. The Domino WWR-Micro is ideal for use in self service or hand vehicle wash applications. The Domino WWR-Micro uses a combination of an Induced Cyclonic Separator (ICSEP) and bag filtration technology to achieve particulate removal down to 5 micron level.


How it works:

  1. Waste water enters the system through the silt and solids trap.
  2. As the solids trap fills water weirs over into the settlement tank.
  3. The settlement tank fills until it also weirs into the primary treatment tank.
  4. The water in the primary treatment tank is simultaneously treated in 2 ways:

A) Oily water is drawn from the surface of the tank by a floating skimmer which is then fed through a Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS) before returning to the primary treatment tank. Oils and floating solids are captured in the VGS for later disposal.

B) Cleaner water is simultaneously drawn from the middle of the tank into the ICSEP where a flocculent is added and the induced cyclonic air infusion process is commenced before transfer of the  water into the liquid separation vessel(LSV).

  1. The surface of the water in the LSV is “scraped” to remove suspended solids and oils displaced by the ICSEP. Clean water is drawn off into the pre-filtration holding tank.
  2. Water from the pre-filtration holding tank is pumped through a pair of bag filters removing contaminants down to 5 micron.
  3. Clean water ready for use is stored in the recycled water holding tank.
  4. Water in the recycled water tank is monitored and dosed with chlorine to maintain
    water quality and ensure OHS requirements are met.


  • Hand wash and self service car wash water
  • Truck & machinery wash water reclaim.
  • Hose down areas in factories, workshops and
    maintenance centres.
  • Power Stations, Mine Sites, Refineries and
    Petrochemical plants.
  • Oil Tank Farms and Fuel Depots.


  • Filtration down to 5 micron removes most
    hydrocarbons & dirts etc.
  • Recycled water suitable for use with hand held
    pressure washers
  • Very low chemical requirments compared to
    competitor solutions. Save up to 80% on
    chemical costs.
  • Easy maintenance, low cost bag filtration system.
  • Scalable. Base unit can process up to
    3000l/hour. Easy upgrade to 6,9 or 12000l/hr.

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