Domino ICSEP (Induced Cyclonic Seperator)


The Domino ICSEP (Induced Cyclonic
Seperator) was designed to
remove hydrocarbons and solids
from waste streams that required
discharge to the environment.
The Domino ICSEP utilities a
combination of air injection,
static mixing, oil and liquid
separation technologies to achieve
it’s industry leading treatment

How it works:

1. The Vertical Gravity Separator draws dirty water from a holding pit removing free oil.
2. Simultaneously, water is drawn from the holding tank into the .
3. The waste water and air are pressurized within the pump system and if required a flocculent is introduced. Air and oil droplets are sheared and dynamically mixed with the water and suspended solids through the cyclone unit.
4. The homogeneous mixture is discharged into the Liquid Separation Vessel (LSV) where gravitational separation takes place with the assistance of micro bubble introduced at the base of the LSV.
5. Separated oil returns to the holding pit via a skimmer or scraper whilst clean water is discharged to the environment or stored for further treatment.


• Low capital cost
• Up to 70% less chemical needed in applications
where dosing is required
• Small Footprint – 2.6 x 1.8m
• All equipment skid mounted for easy
• Unrivalled separation efficiency Applications
• Vehicle Wash Water Treatment
• Marina bilge water pump outs
• Oil Spills Ground Water Remediation
• Hose down areas in factories, workshops and
maintenance centres.
• Power Stations, Mine Sites, Refineries and
Petrochemical plants.
• Oil Tank Farms and Fuel Depots.

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