Water Recycling Systems


Domino ICSEP (Induced Cyclonic Separator)

Domino ICSEP is used when  direct discharge to the environment is required or the waste stream is too contaminated for our standard sewer discharge product range.

System suitable for:

Treating oily water prior to discharge into sewer or stormwater.

Further treatment required for recycling – see other products.

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Domino WWR-Micro (Waste Water Recycling System)

The Micro produces recycled water

System suitable for:

Cleaning industrial equipment & vehicles.

Suitable for use with pressure washers

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Domino WWR-Maxi (Waste Water Recycling System)

Specifically designed for the commercial car and truck wash when down time is not an option.

Domino WWR-Maxi produces recycled water suitable for:

Washing most types of vehicles and equipment.

Suitable for use with automatic wash systems.

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“You Save Money, We Save The Environment”


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