Domino SWM (Storm Water Maintenance System)

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If not maintained correctly, large volumes of stored storm water may pose various health and safety risks when used in many industrial and commercial applications. The EverythingWater SWM series of products are design to maintain Storm Water to a standard compatible with proposed legislation soon to become law around Australia.

How it Works:

SWM-1 Series Roof Capture Only Applications:

The treatment is provided by oxygenation and chlorine sterilsation. The harvested water is circulated by  pumpset and discharges through venturi fed Induced Cyclonic Seperator (ICSEP) Aerators. During circulation the chlorine level is monitored and dosed accordingly.

SWM-1 Roof Only Water treatment
SWM-1 Roof Only Water treatment

SWM-2 Roof and Hard Capture Applications:

The EverythingWater SWM-2 series utilises all the features of SWM-1 with the addition of sediment filtration to 1 micron. Two PE stainless steel washable bag filters are incorporated onto the skid.

SWM-2 Roof & Hard Stand maintenance

SWM-2 Roof & Hard Stand maintenance


  • Low capital cost
  • Small Footprint
  • All equipment skid mounted for easy
  • Filtration to 1 micron.


  • Storm water maintenance in capacities from 150K upwards.
  • Commercial applications as a pre-treatment to RO.


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