Domino VGS-VG (New Generation Oil & Grease Separator)

Introduction of Domino VGS-NG (New Generation Oil & Grease Separator)

Businesses that use or produce oils (hydrocarbons) generate large amounts of trade waste containing Oil & Grease, suspended solids plus numerous other pollutants.   Under current Australian water authority policies, automotive and metal producers are required to install on site pre-treatment devices to reduce the quantity of process water being discharged into the sewer systems.   

Until now hydrocarbon traps and plate separators have been the most common form of pre-treatment utilised within the automotive and metal producers. Although capable of partially improving the quality of hydrocarbons they have a few major deficencies   

1) They become progressively less efficient as hydrocarbons and sludge accumulate.   

2) Regular cleaning and pump outs are required to prevent ineffective treatment, blockages, odour  problems and health hazards.   

 3) Even with regular cleaning and pump-outs, hydrocarbon traps still discharge pollutants into the sewer system at levels often higher than those set by the relevant water authorities. Fees and charges are then imposed to cover the costs of treatment.   

 The DOMINO VGS-NG provides on-site pre-treatment of hydrocarbon wastewater. This system has been developed to continuously and effectively remove hydrocarbons from wastewater.   

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